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Attendance Tracking Templates

An attendance tracking template is a document that monitors the attendance of employees at a business firm or an organization. Whether it is an office at a small or a large firm, the attendance of the employees and workers does matter. To ensure the complete attendance of employees and to monitor their activities on daily basis, an attendance tracking format is a significant tool. Attendance tracking formats are replacing digital attendance tracking machines but still there are many offices that still prefer to use this ordinary method to evaluate an employee’s attendance. An attendance tracking format is used on everyday premise in offices at companies or organization that deal with employees and workers whose presence cannot be tracked individually. This archive comes in handy while calculating the wages for every employee.

An attendance tracking template can be given a number of different layouts depending upon the strength of the employees. It starts with the name and logo of the company along with the time period for which the employee attendance is being tracked which could be a week, a month or more. One of the columns contains the names for all of the workers and employees whose attendance is needed to be tracked. The next column tells whether or not the employee was present on a particular day at a particular time. This column can be filled by the employees themselves or a company official who is put in charge for this. Last column is assigned to hold the signatures of the employees next to their names to confirm their marked attendance. Besides that an attendance tracking format may also contain the arrival time and the leaving time of every individual.

attendance tracking template

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attendance tracker template

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