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Bill of Lading Template

A bill of lading template is a commercial document that is meant to acknowledge the receipt of goods. This business document is usually used by shipping companies. Transport companies or carriers issue this document to the shipping companies. This document identifies the goods delivered, vessel on which goods have been placed, intended destination, terms of transportation and terms of payment. It also words out description of goods like their weight, nature of goods, number of goods etc.

Benefits of bill of lading;

If you work in shipping industry or somehow attach with it then probably you’re pretty much aware about bill of lading. Basically, in the vast shipping industry the bill of leading will serve as a significant component which covers the matters related to the transaction. In general point of view, the bill of lading is a contract which always constructs between the people who need to ship something maybe items, product, and goods using a carrier who will deliver the package to the receiver (who will receive the shipped items). No doubt, the bill of lading must be partially completed by the shipper, well it will include the number of units, date of shipment and other crucial data regarding to the shipment. The bill of lading could be used as a straight bill which is actually the most common example while on the go it can also be used as an order bill which in some such way is less common. However, the bill of lading somewhat negotiate the terms of shipping and the statement which will explain how goods are going to ship as well as where they end up.

bill of lading template

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