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Cookbook Template

A cookbook template contains the methods in detail to set up a scope of various cooking styles and dishes via a professional cook. The cook’s own recipes can be added with their separate pictures adjusted in various formats depending on the length of the recipes. A cookbook format can be given various diverse formats relying upon what recipes are being included as part of the book and the sort of cooking styles you’re consolidating in it. The formula book design now and then additionally joins the names for alternate books composed by the writer. The individual writing the cookbook might possibly devote the book to some person, a senior cook or a companion; devotions are composed after the title page. The most recent renditions of a cookbook format may likewise contain the surveys given on it by people who have bought tried the recipes.

A typical cookbook template begins with the cover page or the cover sheet that contains the name of the book and expresses the sort of recipes written in it. It likewise contains the prologue to the book, taking after that, the cookbook design incorporates the page record that contains the recipes names and their separate page numbers. The cookbook design likewise consolidates the brief prologue to the essayist; for this situation, it would be a culinary specialist. The cover sheet may likewise contain the name of the individual composition or aggregating the cookbook. In the end, the name and the logo of the distributors is specified alongside their contact information.

cookbook template

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Recipe Book Template

A recipe book contains the methods in detail to prepare a range of different cuisines and delicacies on your own. A recipe book template can be given a number of different layouts depending on your own choice and the kind of cuisines you’re incorporating in it. The recipes can be incorporated with their respective pictures aligned in different layouts or the pictures can also be put as the watermark for that specific page. The recipe book format sometimes also incorporates the names for the other books written by the author. The latest versions of a recipe book format may also contain the reviews given on it by media or other people. The person compiling the recipe book may or may not dedicate the book to somebody, a mentor or a friend; dedications are written in the starting pages.

A common recipe book template starts with the cover page or the title page that contains the name of the book and states the kind of recipes written in it. The title page may also contain the name of the person writing or compiling the recipe book. The recipe book format also incorporates the brief introduction to the writer; in this case, it would be a chef. It also contains the introduction to the book known as the preface. Following that, the recipe book format includes the page index that contains the recipe names and their respective page numbers. Each recipe starts with the ingredients needed to make it followed by the step by step details for the method. In the end, the name and the logo of the publishers is mentioned along with their contact details.

recipe book template

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Thai Food Menu Template

A menu that is served in the Thai restaurants and hotels, describing the dishes in Thai restaurants and hotels is called a Thai food menu. A menu is one of the most important parts of any restaurant or hotel. Similarly a Thai food menu will not only tell us about the dishes that are being served in the restaurant, but one can learn a lot about the efficiency and proficiency of the restaurant. A Thai food menu is seen by all of the customers, which is way you should make it as professional as possible. Your Thai food menu should not contain difficult words; rather it should be simple enough that a customer of any age can read it. You must have a prior knowledge about your target audience’s like and dislike, this will help you in adding the dishes and omitting the dishes from your Thai food menu according to the palates of your customers.

A Thai food menu must be simple and short; it is never wise to bore your customer by writing down lengthy paragraphs about the description of your food. Make sure that when you are writing short descriptions about your food in your Thai food menu, you are using words that appeal to all of the five senses of your customers. You must be wise when you are designing your Thai food menu, the colors should complement the design and layout of your restaurant. You must use bold letters to highlight your main dishes. Use the price listing in your Thai food menu wisely.

Thi Food menu template

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Italian Food Menu Template

People are served with Italian food menu in the Italian restaurants and hotels. These Italian food menus contain a number of Italian dishes as well as their description and price. When you are writing an Italian food menu you must remember to choose the color that are according to the theme of the restaurant. Make sure that your French food menu is professionally written, which is easy to read and understand. There are however, some restaurants that get creative when it comes to menus, for example some uses chalkboards, scrolls or breadboards. Make sure that your French food menu is according to the palate of your audience. You must do some research about your target customers to find out their likes and dislikes. An Italian food menu must not be too lengthy. Even though you want to write down every detail about your food, however too many details will leave your customers bored.

When drafting a French food menu, one should remember to keep in mind the layout of the menu. A perfect French food menu is the one that is written in the same arrangement as eating a meal. You should know that entrees will not come in the beginning of the French food menu, rather the menu should start with appetizers, followed by soup, salads and then entrees and desserts should come. One of the most problematic things in the French food menu is the price list. Your price should be listed in a way that encourages the customer to order on the basis of their palates not prices.

Italian Food Menu Template

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French Food Menu Template

A French food menu is the menu that you get in a French restaurant or a hotel, describing the dishes in that hotel or the restaurant. A French food menu should be simply written in a professional manner. Before you start writing your French food menu you must do a basic research about the target audience, this research will help you in including the dishes in your French food menu that will be liked your customers and the guests. Your French food menu is an advertisement of your restaurant on its own. You must design your French food menu wisely; it should not have any cartoonist or childish font in it. Every customer will look through your French food menu; you have the opportunity to promote your restaurant. You must use bold colors to highlight the unique dishes in your French food menu, write down your dishes in tables and charts so it is easy for the customers to go through them.

A French food menu should not too loon. It is understandable that everyone wants to go in detail about good their food is, however the customer will get bored with a long and extensive description of the dishes. Therefore, it is always best to make your French food menu, short and concise. How a restaurant places the price in the French food menu has a direct relation with the sale of their dishes. The prices must never be lined up at one side of the French food menu; they should always be placed at the bottom of the description.

French food menu template

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Chinese Food Menu Template

A Chinese food menu is especially prepared by the Chinese restaurants for the convenience of their customers. The aim of the Chinese food menu is not only to make the customers aware of the available Chinese dishes but they are also helps the restaurant management in regards to the effective marketing. A Chinese food menu is made by keeping in the business requirement of any hotel or a restaurant. It is not only the needs and requirements of the hotel or the restaurant which help in drafting the perfect Chinese food menu, but also the likes and dislikes of the customers and the clients. If there are some dishes which are disliked by the target audience, it is always best to omit them from the menu. A Chinese food menu must be professionally and accurately designed.

When you are writing a Chinese food menu template there are some points that should be kept in mind, such as, make sure that your Chinese food menu id kept short and concise. You do not want your guests to get bored over the lengthy details about your food; rather you must use words that are eye catching and make your customer order from your Chinese food menu. In your Chinese food menu you should use terms that are simple but are tantalizing that speak to all five of your senses. Using price list needs a lot of creativity, you must never line up your price list on one side of your Chinese food menu, doing this you are encouraging your customer to eat on the basis of prices not their palates. The prices should be neatly written under the description of each food item.

Chinese food menu template

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Free Restaurant Menu Templates


A menu is a presentation of food and beverages offers made by a restaurant. It is a list of food options from which the guests choose what to eat. A well designed restaurant menu template can set the tone for the restaurant and can customers coming back. You need to do lots of work and research to design an appealing restaurant menu. Make sure to have a definite concept in mind before you start writing your restaurant’s menu. It is an important marketing tool therefore should be designed carefully. Three main parts of a menu you need to work on include description, layout and prices.

A restaurant menu is an alluring sheet of paper which use as a bi-fold, tri-fold or booklet to list out all the food items, dishes, offers & meals with their prices available in a restaurant for serving is called a restaurant menu. Basically, restaurant menu will highlight the name of dishes along with their ingredients, price for per item or whole meal, calories per serving & even more. No doubt, the menu will help the owner of restaurant to display their dishes as well as support the customers to decide & order their favorite dish in a quickest way directly through menu. Thus, restaurant menu templates may have several types, but here’re some major ones, i.e. A-la carte, appetizer menu, starters (soups, salads) drinks menu, fast food, desserts, kid’s menu, Breakfast/lunch/dinner menu, regional favorites, and restaurant special.

free restaurant menu template

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