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9+ Legal Statement Template


A legal statement template is a document prepared for use in a variety of legal cases that involve all of the judicial principles. These legal statements are prepared by both the prosecution as well as defense. Generally it is a document that states the legitimate facts about a company’s policy or about the usage of a product under the company’s license. The legal statement needs to be generated with great care and professionalism since this archive will describe and showcase the authenticity of the material or the company being represented. The advantages along with the drawbacks of the product or the website should be mentioned briefly. The statement defines a situation and sets down factual information in an easy to read manner that will compel the reader to understand the writer’s point of view. Legal statements are prepared by both the prosecution and the defense. The document requires a professional, non-argumentative tone and is devoid of exaggerations and fabrications.

Details of Legal Statement Template

A legal statement template involves the brief introduction to the registration trademark of a company, a website or an organization, the logo for the trademark may also be included in the legal statement format. Explanation to the history behind the trademark can also be included as part of this document. If the legal statement is being written for some content or a website, the copyrights policy is additionally mentioned with the points in detail. The legal statement is preferably written using simple words that can be understandable by just anybody. A legal statement format also includes the contact details of the owner or the executive person, such as their phone numbers, fax number, email ID and their permanent or temporary work address, if there is any. We are providing a download button underneath the image of this template for quick download. All you need is to click on download button and file will moved to your desire folder without any delay.


6+ Statement of Affairs Template

statement of affairs template

The statement of affairs template is a legal document listing the assets and liabilities of a company or individual, typically produced when declaring bankruptcy. It is an archive that holds the details for a company’s list of assets and debts. A statement of affairs is helpful in certain business situations such as one such situation includes the calculation of a company’s total cost thus making the insolvency process much easier. Banks often ask for the statement of affairs while resolving the assets. This document provides useful information to solve certain legislative issues and can be presented in the court. Financial department in any company with the help of financial experts are liable to generate the statement of affairs. Generally the Statement of Affair is a summary of a Company’s assets and liabilities. It states the net book value and amount expected to realize at the date of Insolvency of the business. Accompanying the balance sheet is a list of creditors and shareholders.

Details of Statement of Affairs Template

A statement of affairs can be made in a number of different formats; few basic sections must be included in whatever layout you choose for this piece of document. It incorporates the book value of all of the company’s assets which can be presented in the form of a list or a paragraph using bullets or numbers. The person generating the statement of affairs format can include another column stating what he/she thinks of the probable cost of an asset or the property. The statement of affairs may also include a brief statement introducing the company or the project for which the report is being generated. In the end, the statement of affairs is approved by the executive person therefore a space for the signatures of the person in authority along with the person who generated the report is provided.

statement of affairs template

6+ Statement of Work Done Template

statement of work done template

A statement of work done template is an important part of both project and contract management that helps guarantee that the work for a project will be done according to certain guidelines and expectations. Generally it outlines the details for the progress on a project or a task that has been going on under the supervision of a company. This document sets the timelines for specific tasks to be finished until a specific time period. Statement of work done is a significant piece of document in every business management routine. This archive monitors and keeps in track the routinely work progress and deliverable on a project. Companies usually generate a copy of statement of work done as part of their project management plan. This document holds legitimate value and must be provided to all of the partners. It is the duty of project manager to issue the statement of work done and any amendments being made in the statement cannot be approved without the approval of the project manager. The format for the statement of work done template includes the brief introduction to the project under progress. Usually, it is written in a precise and definitive language that is relevant to the field of business. This prevents any misinterpretations of terms and requirements.

Details of Statement of Work Done Template

It also incorporates the scope of the project that is being monitored by the statement of work done. Furthermore, the time period and the place of the performance are also needed to be included in the statement of work done. Alongside that, the document must incorporate the brief description for the work requirements that is basically a guide to the tasks that are needed to be accomplished within the specified period of time. The schedule and the detailed timeline for the schedule of the tasks are added to the statement of work done with enough details so as to make it self-explainable. In the end, the employees have to make sure that the work is being done in accordance with the statement of work done. We are providing a download button underneath the image of this template for quick download. All you need is to click on download button and file will moved to your desire folder without any delay.

statement of work done template

11+ Thesis Statement Template

thesis statement template

A thesis statement template is the sentence that states the main idea of a writing assignment and helps control the ideas within the paper. It is not merely a topic. It often reflects an opinion or judgment that a writer has made about a reading or personal experience. Generally it is an excerpt from a paper published in a journal after a research or a project has been accomplished. Scholars publish their articles and research papers as part of the completion of their course for graduation, post-graduation or a doctorate degree. Thesis statement focuses on the main theme or the idea that can be interpreted from the results published. Reading a thesis statement will help somebody understand about the topic of your research in a better and a precised way. A thesis statement must be made in a way that it should provoke an argument between the writer and the reader that can lead to productive interference. A thesis statement writing guide will explain to you the easiest and the simplest way to compose your very own thesis statement using our quality templates. A thesis statement usually appears at the end of the introductory paragraph of a paper, and it offers a concise summary of the main point or claim of the essay and research paper.

Details of Thesis Statement Template

It mentions the highlights of your research topic, the methodology that you used and the outcomes or the results obtained. A thesis statement also incorporates the application of this research work in a practical field in order to obtain large scale benefits from it. According to our thesis statement writing guide, the argumentative part in the thesis statement must be focused and the use of vague words make it less appealing to the reader. Rather than mentioning general key points the writer must be specific while writing the thesis statement. Always remember to proofread the rough draft multiple times in order to make sure that you have left no mistakes since this statement would define and reflect the whole image of your thesis. We are providing a download button underneath the image of this template for quick download. All you need is to click on download button and file will moved to your desire folder without any delay.

thesis statement template

11+ Statement of Accounts Template

statement of account template

A statement of accounts template is a detailed report of the contents of an account which generally includes the following information such as the beginning total of unpaid invoices, the invoice number, invoice date, and total amount of each invoice issued to the customer during the time period. Generally it is an archive issued by a supplier to its client posting exchanges over a given period of time, ordinarily month to month. It will incorporate points of interest of invoices, installments received and any credits affirmed with a resultant balance payable by the client. In short, a statement of accounts template is a synopsis of all business made to a client during the month. These statements are usually dispatched to only those customers with whom the supplier has agreed upon terms and conditions of the agreement. They are generally sent to the clients who need to pay their record in the months taking after the date of receipt. Customers who will pay instantly or within a short period of time have no need to be issued a statement of accounts. An account statement is a periodic summary of account activity with a beginning date and an ending date. The most commonly known are checking account statements, usually provided monthly, and brokerage account statements, which are provided monthly or quarterly.

Details of Statement of Accounts Template

Statements of Accounts format can be written in Excel or a Word format. These statements can be printed, written or emailed to customer as per requirement with simple traditional format for a statement of accounts. This document incorporates vital information related to the financial details for a company’s or an individual’s accounts. It also includes all of the details stating the information of any kind of transactions or exchanges occurred between the customers and the company. The statement of accounts is supposed to be a simple tool for every one’s use in their daily life. Statement of accounts formats are available here and can be easily downloaded, you can simply fill it and keep it for future use, or if you prefer to write a hard copy, it can easily be printed out.

statement of account template

Statement of Purpose Template

statement of purpose template

A statement of purpose is asked for by grad schools or colleges and the student have to mention his/her future goals and plans so as to convince the admission committee for the admission. The name, statement of purpose, clearly states that it is a document that describes a personal statement highlighting the applicant’s purpose or reason to join the institution. The statement of purpose format is made in the required word limit as asked in the application. Since a statement of purpose plays a significant role in scoring an applicant the admission in an institute of his/her desires, therefor, a convincing and an up to the mark statement of purpose is necessary.

Defining Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose, if made in an effective manner, has enough potential to enhance one chances of getting selected for a well reputed college or a university. The statement of purpose may also be called an application essay, objectives for graduate study, personal background, cover letter, or some comparable title. It is the single most important part of your application which will tell the admissions committee who you are, what has influenced your career path so far, your professional interests and where you plan to go from here. Generally it states an individual’s objective and goals to join an institute or an organization.

Details of Statement of Purpose Template

There is a huge variety to what format should be used to generate a statement of purpose template but there are few basic things that must be included as part of this document. It starts with the brief introduction to the starting years of the individual’s educational history and the factors that lead him/her to where he/she is standing today. The student must also mention his/her inspirations that motivated him/her to seek admission in the particular institution. The applicant is asked to mention as to what exactly influenced his/her career path so that lead him/her opt for this particular field. A statement of purpose format can be written in the form of a story using a layout containing paragraphs. It is recommended that the applicant must re-read the statement of purpose few times before submitting in order to eliminate all of the mistakes.

Format for Statement of Purpose

statement of purpose template

Bank Statement Template

bank statement template

A bank statement is basically a word layout, somehow a report shape, issued by banks. It shows the position of bank balance in customer account at specific date and the details of deposits and withdrawals during period for which statement is issued. This statement is very important for any account holder because he/she can review their account activities and add it in their own financial records. It primarily shows transactions in the account during specific period and it allows an account holder to identify those transactions which are doubtful. Normally, this statement contains the information of all checks paid during specific time frame, total withdrawals, cash deposits, interest transferred and service charge deducted from account. In accounting terms, any transaction which shows debit balance means deducted amount from account and while showing credit balance means deposited into account.

Benefits of Bank Statement Template

A bank statement reveals the detailed information of somebody’s credit account in a local or an overseas bank. Generally bank statements are sent out in the post or assessed online. It is very important for you to check your bank statement regularly if you have a high number of transactions. It shows all deposits made into the account and all payments made out including any debt payments. These statements are great way to help an account holder to keep track of his money and recognize spending habits. Nowadays most of banks offer an account holder the option of receiving paper statement or paperless electronic statement and these statements are known as electronic statement.

Details of Bank Statement Template

A fundamental layout for generating a bank statement format incorporates all the subtle elements, from the total current amount present in the account to the records of the amount of money withdrawn or added to it during the course of the time. Bank statement also states that name and logo of the bank and the person or the institution holding the account. It also mentions the date and exact time for each and every transaction, either in the form of money credited or debited from the account. The official bank statement issued by the bank on the request of the account holder is generally signed and approved by the person in authority. The bank statement format also states the mode of transfer of any kind of transactions made during the time period.We are providing a download button underneath the image of this template for quick download. All you need is to click on download button and file will moved to your desire folder without any delay.

Format for Bank Statement

bank statement template

Witness Statement Template

witness statement template

A witness statement template is a formal document recording the evidence of a person and sets out what a witness says about your case. It is a summary of oral evidence that a witness will give at trial. Generally the statement start with the name of case, claim number and also state the full name, address of the witness. A witness statement template should record what the witness saw, heard or felt and it is also important to record anything that may open up new line of inquiry in a case. The statement must intend to be signed by the maker. Generally it is a statement that contains your own accounts of the facts relating to the issues arising in a case.


Purpose of Witness Statement Template

Basically the major purpose of a witness statement is to provide written evidence to support a party case that will be used as evidence in a court. The statement is the critical part of the case designed to show it in its strongest light and a copy of statement is served to the other parties before the hearing where the statement is submitted in evidence. It is very important that the statement must be in your own words so that you understand what is written in your statement and effectively reflects your account of the evidence.

Details of Witness Statement Template

Witness statements whether written or oral, start with basic information about the case. A basic witness statement template incorporates the essential information, such as name and number of the case and what this case is about. Then it includes the information about the witness i.e. full name, address, both temporary and permanent. Furthermore, a witness statement template contains all of the information or details that a witness has in relation to the case in numbered paragraphs and it ends with a statement certifying everything the witness said was true from the core of his/her heart and that the witness will be liable for courts disciplinary action in case of falsifying the statement. In the end, the template incorporates the signature of the witness. Witness statement templates are generally available in or word documents online.

Download Witness Statement Template

witness statement template