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Family Tree Template

A family tree template describes a description of a family history starting from the great grandparents or even before that till the current generation. A family tree format is an interesting piece of document that contains useful information related to a family’s generations and their link to each other. People these days prefer to have a family poster hanging around somewhere in the house in order to let their kids know and learn about who their fathers and forefathers were. A family tree can be made in a diverse variety of format and layouts with multitudes of designing range to choose from. It can be made in the form of an actual tree with names of the family members hanging down the branches as leaves in a hierarchical manner.

A family tree template incorporates the name of the family printed at the top as the title of the family tree. Following the family name, the family history is incorporated generation-wise. It is preferred that the name, year of birth till the year of death (if not alive) should be mentioned for every person mentioned in the family tree. Some layouts also have the space to add pictures for the members of the family along with other information. A family tree format can also be made in the form of a flow chart starting from the earliest family history and leading up to the latest generation at the bottom. Family tree format may or may not contain the details for each family member. Details may contain the profession of the person or any special quality that person holds that distinguishes him/her from the rest.

family tree template

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