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Free Booklet Template

A booklet template is a small book or group of pages. Booklets are available in different shapes and sizes but are precise than a book. A booklet can be used for different purposes like a small story book, recipe book etc. A brochure or a catalog is also a booklet. Main purpose of providing a booklet is to let the customers know about the new product or new brand like key features, accessories, usage instructions and other key points that should be in knowledge of users before they use new product. A booklet format is not only a set of instructions but it is an advertising tool also which will attract people to have new product.

A booklet format will use for preparing up a small book consisting of a few of sheets. Typically a booklet will always come with a paper cover which thoroughly conveys the theme of booklet. Well, for preparing a smart booklet individual may need to consider about following factors, just like; contrasts, alignments repletion & proximity. Here, for designing a perfect booklet template it is important to choose an ideal page layout. While, using the smart approach of our prefabricated format of booklet you can customize the overall style of your booklet on MS word.

booklet template

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