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General Ledger Template

A general ledger template is an account or record used to sort and store balance sheet and income statement transactions. Generally it is the main accounting record of a company or organization. It will contain accounts of different financial terms like current assets, fixed assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses, profits as well as losses. A general ledger will be drafted in proper format having business name, general ledger and its period on the top of the page. Every payment or receipt will be first entered in the general ledger then used to make other financial statements. In term of business, a general ledger may defined as a collection of all the financial accounts of company which are particular in type and effective for the accounting procedures of entity. Basically, we can call a general ledger format as a financial report that generated by the company to provide in-depth details about the values of different account with the description of whole transactions. However, this report will use to make up the balance sheet of particular accounts. Yes! This is an official document of business which afterward used to create the income statement of entity as well.

To all appearance; a general ledger may holds a bit of information collected by the research, review of financial statements, and audit of accounts. In like manner, the vital purpose of this general ledger is to run the financial operation of business. In addition, a general ledger may also have a role in the accounting of company for budget preparation. Yeah! This will act as the ultimate bookkeeping account for all the transactions undertaken by a business or entity for a specified period of time. Nonetheless, this general ledger may have accessions to properly record the information of credits and debits for all of the various accounts. Seemingly, this general ledger template must cover the bills, invoices, shipping orders, and other records of the diverse business dealings signed within a certain time frame.

General Ledger Template


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