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Income Statement Template

An income statement is a financial statement of a business which is used to measure a company’s financial performance for a specified account period. This statement is prepared by calculating net sales and subtracting all expenditures from net sales to get net income of a business. Proper format is followed to draft this statement because it is to be presented to shareholders and different authorities to show the business’s performance. Its title is made by writing the business name, income statement and the period for which this statement is being prepared. An income statement format may be prepared on monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly basis depending on the business size and its records.

In business here’s a foremost statement which known as an income statement of company that used by accountants and business owners to professionally explain how much revenue a company made during a set period of time. Well, this financial document will officially explain the reporting period of time in which a company may make a certain amount of income. To all appearance, this statement wills also explain how much company spent to produce that income. No doubt, while working in a same industry the business can use professional income statements to compare their business income with the generating incomes of others businesses.

Thus, an income statement may properly summarize a data about the gross profit of company. Yeah! This important document may cover the parts of the statement depend on your business perspectives. Somehow, it’ll also explain how the business is pricing their products correctly. In like manner, this official statement will tells the people why company discounting too much on products, or why company earning so much profit from a single product. Nonetheless, a smart income statement template may overlay interpret about the operating expenses of company along with the net earnings.

income statement template

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Don’t Do

Following points should be consider using our created free word templates;

  • Do not take print of template unless setting print properties which will allow you to add all content of template.
  • Do not alter content of template unless required. Making necessary changes in template can wipe out the quality standards.
  • Don’t change the setting of margins in template which is originally set by us. The default margins set by MS Word is one inch from both right and left sides.
  • Don’t add extra page breaks in template in order to add some value in template. Adjusting page space by hitting page break function can influence the quality of template.
  • Change in font style can also effect on the quality of the template. As per default setting of MS Word, it is set to Caliber. So, if you try to change style, it can effect on design and space requirements of template as well.
  • Carefully use the live layout feature which is provided in MS Word, because it can reduce space setting and image properties. If you drag the image to make appropriate look, then using live layout feature is not helping.
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