Interoffice Communication Template

Interoffice communication means communication of information between two different offices. This type of communication may be written or can be done via email or telephone also. Where written interoffice communication format is being done, special interoffice communication pads are also used. This communication letter is just like an interoffice memo which has company name, contact details and website printed on it. Sometimes department name is also printed on interoffice memo to distinguish it from documents of other departments. It can be a simple page or just like company letterhead.

The interoffice communication memo is a medium which enable the employees or employer of company to communicate with each other. Thus, the vital purpose of interoffice communication is to transfer the information between two different offices of same organization. No doubt, this medium of communication may drive using written memos. Yes! This may also be driven via using email clients, fax or telephone. In offices or workplaces the employees can run their interoffice communication using a special sort of communication pads which made by company’s itself. However, we can say that the pad use for interoffice communication may just like a communication letter or an interoffice memo. The letter may contain the title of company along with other info, i.e. Logo of company, name of sender, contact details, website link, fax, & other crucial stuff as well. In addition, here we can also call this medium which used for interoffice communication template as a company’s letterhead.

Interoffice Communication Template

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