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Issue Tracking Templates

An issue tracking template is an archive that deals with any kind of issues that arise at a workplace or an organization while dealing with the official matters. This document tackles all the issues and suggests a solution for them while keeping a record for when that issue occurred. Keeping a record for all the issues helps you avoid such events in the future and this way you can tackle them ahead in your updated business plan for the next year. The issue tracking formats are generally issued by the human resource department of the company but if the issue that has been raised is of financial form then it the responsibility of the financial department to handle the issue. Issue tracking format have been proved to be a handy tool since any kind of issues in the business can directly or indirectly affect the clients and as a result the company’s repute in the market may get affected as well.

An issue tracking template starts off by the containing the company’s name and official logo alongside the name of the executive person. A brief introduction to the company’s history and the current position is preferably added to the format. An issue tracking format further incorporates the issues or the problems that the company has been facing or any such potential risks that can herald the company’s performance. The level of risk that each of these issues hold may or may not be mentioned in the format. Alongside that, the issue tracking format contains the proposed solution that has been applied to resolve the issues that the company or the organization has been facing lately. A section for any additional comments may also be included at the end of the format.

issue tracker template

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issue tracking word template

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