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A job proposal is a formal document which usually written by the individual person who seeking for a job. This letter will briefly explain about the skills, level of performance, experience and abilities of job seeker. With the help of job proposal a job seeker can interact with the employer to ask him about the job. Here in term of business mostly the professional people prefer to read a job proposal before offering a job to the person who applied for a job in some institute. Whenever the job seeker will come to know the availability of vacancies in the company he/she will prepare and submit a job proposal which officially speaks about their excellence and brilliance. Here this written description can also be generated by the business that wants to hire some new employees. In this way a company may generate a letter that sends to the midst of suitable people company wants to hire them.

Basically, the letter will use to define the criteria of job. Yes! A proposal written by authority of company will give a choice to the job seeker to accept or reject the offer. Seemingly, a letter written by job seeker will provide information and this time the choice for the acceptance and rejection would be in the hands of employer. Even so, the objective of this letter is to call the candidate for the interview conducted by the company. Thus, as I said above; providing a respond for this proposal letter may truly dependent on the needs of employee and employer. Most likely, after received a letter from job seeker it’s up-to the need of company how it gives respond either in a positive or negative way. To all appearance, here while making a job proposal individual writer must have to make it precise, because a smartly designed proposal will present a solid plan of action which outlines the reasons why the action is necessary & how it would be favorable.

Job proposal template

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