Method Statement Template

A method statement template is a is a document that details the way a work task or process is to be completed. The method statement should outline the hazards involved and include a step by step guide on how to do the job safely. Usually it is just like a manual which is a list of procedures for safe working. A method statement is usually prepared as a part of a workplace safety plan. It will describe an entire procedure or machinery with instructions to use it safely with respect to its use in the project. A method statement template is prepared for each different task differently whether same machinery is to be used for it. This document is submitted at the very start of the project to the higher authorities then a copy of this statement is provided to every concerned individual.

A method statement format can be defined as a manual which generate by companies or individuals for detailing the information “how a particular task or activity will be carried out”. In term of business, a method statement may serve as a significant tool which provide the details about the possible dangers and risks which are totally associated with the ongoing or new projects if carried out in an incompetent manner. So, here we can also call it as a prediction note that let the individual worker know what they need to do or what they’ve required to ignore while working on a certain project. No two ways about, a method statement will make sure that how the ongoing work or new task can be managed safely and effectively. This statement will briefly support the workers with in-depth manual which cover all the procedures for safe working as a mean of list. The method statement template will specify the measures for health and safety control, yes! This will practically support the individuals to follow the instructions and carried out work under the statement of precautions.

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