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Mutual Agreement Template

A special sort of agreement which used by parties when the agreeing on certain note and powerful enough to secure the rights of both parties is called a mutual agreement. Undoubtedly the mutual agreement as it name refer can simply explained as a legal document which serve as  prove and has ability to collectively provide benefits to both parties without any disclaimer is also known as mutual agreement. However suchlike agreement can be made between companies, businesses, individuals and nations. So as thing go we can say that mutual agreement is a document which conjoins profit between two or more parties without partiality. But same time mutual agreement also bound companies to agreeing on their terms and policies of business, meanwhile a particular agreement also assist parties to respect their mutual responsibilities.

Suppose if two brands signed a mutual agreement than we can say that their overall profits and losses will be the reciprocal of each other, in simple words if they earn more profit they’ll bound to divide equally similarly if business collapse or getting loss they’ll also restrained to share it equally without refusal. Over and above generally mutual agreement has several types, just like; mutual aid agreement, mutual agreement for separation, mutual agreement between nations, international recognition agreement for mutual consensus, mutual agreement between forces and mutual agreement for border sharing. There’re so much possibilities to obtain a mutual agreement, somehow the nature & content of every agreement vary on the use of purpose. Let’s suppose if agreement made between forces or nation it would be on large scale, otherwise if made between couple than made on small scale so the basic writing would be enough. No doubt there’re so many examples of mutual agreement, such as; a company has great business strategy & great research but lack of resources, it will contact with some other company or business has advanced technology, capital & market value thus, they collaborate with each other for mutual sharing. Although companies can sign mutual agreement just before start a joint venture as Google & LG did when they launched Nexus 5. Moreover the agreement between companies could be on temporary level or they can also contract for permanent basis.

Mutual Agreement Template

Don’t Do

Following points should be consider using our created free word templates;

  • Do not take print of template unless setting print properties which will allow you to add all content of template.
  • Do not alter content of template unless required. Making necessary changes in template can wipe out the quality standards.
  • Don’t change the setting of margins in template which is originally set by us. The default margins set by MS Word is one inch from both right and left sides.
  • Don’t add extra page breaks in template in order to add some value in template. Adjusting page space by hitting page break function can influence the quality of template.
  • Change in font style can also effect on the quality of the template. As per default setting of MS Word, it is set to Caliber. So, if you try to change style, it can effect on design and space requirements of template as well.
  • Carefully use the live layout feature which is provided in MS Word, because it can reduce space setting and image properties. If you drag the image to make appropriate look, then using live layout feature is not helping.
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