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Project Timeline Template

Project timeline template refers to a document that is used to set the deadlines for the tasks that are needed to be finished for the completion of a project. Companies, large or small, keep on taking projects and for the successful completion of these projects a planned timeline must be generated for the whole project. Projects timelines are generally made by professional analysts that are in charge of managing and monitoring the project on goings. Project plans are generated at the start of year when new projects are undertaken and project timelines are included as part of the project plans. Project timeline format keeps the project management organized and in order that is easy to monitor and evaluate. Working in an organized manner will not only help the employees stay organized but it will also impress the clients and this way of working may even employ more clients to trust your firm.

A project timeline template starts with the cover page that includes the name of the project, company’s name and the current year. It also incorporates the detailed timeline along with all of the necessary details for the deadlines of the projects to be finished. Starting date and the completion date must also be included in a separate section of the project timeline format. The format also contains an additional section for any kind of comments about the project timeline. It is preferred that the brief introduction to the project can be included at the start of the project timeline format. Any changes that are required to be made in the project timeline must be informed and approved by the project supervisor. A space for the supervisor’s and the company’s executive person’s signature is provided at the end of the format.

Project Timeline Template

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