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Project Tracking Template

A project tracking template is a document that tracks the progress of a project going on in any organization or a company. This document briefly portrays the deadlines and the due dates for all the tasks in a project to be finished and it states those as well that have been finished already. It may or may not contain the details for the organized course of events that are included as part of the project, Project tracking reports are generally issued by the human resource department of any firm or the concerned department that is monitoring the project. Project tracking format are incorporated as part of the project plan and the employees or the project heads are asked to fill them up on timely basis so that the progress of the project can be evaluated. Project tracking formats keep the project performance organized and composed that makes it easy to monitor at any time of the year.

A project tracking template begins with the title page that incorporates the name of the project, company’s name and the year. It is favored that the brief prologue to the project must be incorporated towards the start of the project tracking format. It additionally fuses the point by point course of events alongside the greater part of the essential subtle elements for the due dates of the undertakings to be done. Beginning date and the fruition date should likewise be incorporated into a different area of the project tracking format. The configuration likewise contains an extra area for any sort of remarks about the advancement and the progress of the project. Any amendments that are required to be made in the project must be educated and endorsed by the project director.

project tracking template

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