Rent Receipt Template

A rent receipt template is a document which is signed as an acknowledgement of payment by the landlord when he received rent on the rented conditions. Generally this receipt includes some basic information such as property rented, duration for which the rent was due, date of payment, name, contact details of payer, amount of rent, mode of payment, amount of rent still due if any, late payment charges if any, signatures of the payer as well as the landlord. A rent receipt format will be drafted just like a cash receipt with a title RENT RECEIPT on it. A rent receipt is a record of cash transaction for both the landlord and tenant. The rent receipt template will illustrate that the transaction has been completed by the tenant against paying the settled amount of rent. Normally it is the responsibility of real owner or landlords to generate a rent receipt that must be drafted in a proper format and record the facts of transaction that is made by the tenant.

Details of Rent Receipt Template

Here, people can assume that a rent receipt is a formal written document which always signed between a tenant & the landlord for the sake of acknowledge the payments received by owner as an amount of rent. A rent receipt template may contain a bit of info about the property rented by the tenant along with other precise data, for instance; info of property, name of tenant, type of property, duration for which the rent was due, date of payment, name of landlord, contact details of both the payer & receiver, real amount of rent, mode of payment, exact amount of rent if still due, extra charges for late payment, signatures of the payer and the landlord. We tried our level best to provide you ready to use and turnkey rent receipt format which you can utilize spontaneously once downloaded. The above provided template is special example of high quality as far as professional forms are concerned. We believe in quality and therefore, offering our free template for downloading which will certainly met your quality standards.

rent receipt template

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