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Affidavit Form

Affidavit Form

An affidavit form is a document that has legal importance which is needed for variety of reasons like buying and selling, applying for visas or admissions in schools or colleges etc. Basically this form is a statement of facts which is made by a person who is under an oath and this document is then administered by an authority. An affidavit form is usually divided in two numbered paragraphs where first paragraph contains information about the deponent person like his name, address, age, occupation, employment status etc and the second paragraph contains list of facts about the deponent.

Affidavit is an important document because it has approach to account the facts you rely on for your case. Well, a general affidavit form may record the evidence. No doubt, sample affidavit form is a legal document that has legitimate momentousness which is actually needed by the concerned people for variety of reasons, just like; an affidavit form will be used for buying and selling, when applying for a visa, for admission, before joining the schools or colleges & even more. To all appearance, we can also call this form as a statement of fact which generate by the person or company who is under an oath. Yeah! This document can also be recognized as an sworn statement which prepped by the individual & administered by the authority.

affidavit form

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