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Employment Verification Form

Employment Verification Form

An employment verification form will be provided by the employer to its employee in different situations. Employment verification form can be used as a proof of job before some new employer or in banks to get loan, insurance companies etc. This verification form will include information about the employee like employee name, age, national identity card number, home address, phone and email address, his designation, joining date, pay scale, contract limit if any, employer name etc. This employment verification form is only effective when signed by the employer.

No two ways about, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Well, the business may need to develop a strong employment verification system for reducing the chances of recruitment possibly made on the fictitious stories. It’s a fact, in the world of business there’re significant number of job applicants those put falsify information on their resumes. So, it’s the moral responsibility of employer to verify that whether the written information on CV is true or just fabricated by the employee for getting the job. Thus, the employment verification format will perfectly figure out previous employment problems of the new recruitment those were covering up by lie on resume. However, job verification form will thoroughly detect the false dates of employment. Apart of this, the smart verification procedure of employment will mitigate the chances of fake employments those cause due to the exaggeration of past positions of employee on resume.

employment verification form

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