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Test Plan Template

A test plan is a document which contains description of scope, approach, resources, activities of the test schedule etc. All test items, features to be tested, which will do what task etc, will be written in proper order. A test plan format may be a student test plan, employee test plan, software test plan, product test plan etc and its contents will be written according to the nature of the test. Main content of any test plan will include its title, key activities, results of the test, name of the person writing the test plan and name of the person who will follow the test plan.

A test plan example is a formal written document which also noted as a test protocol design by people who want to conduct a test in an effective manner. A test plan may always developed by the test taker prior to any test. This formal document may typically outline a bit of stuff, just like; it may include the requirements for test along with the data about activities that will be performed in a test. Well, a smartly designed test plan may also cover the information for resources which will be used during the test. There’re six fundamental pillar of test plan, i.e. preparation, communication, effectiveness, regulatory prudence, training, legal approach. Yes! A test plan template will assist the planner to design specifications for particular test. Thus, the major objective of test plan is to formally address the level of details & collection of information required to gather before conducing an effective test.

test plan template

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