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Time Sheet Template

A time sheet template is a piece of paper for recording the number of hours worked. It may be used to record time for which employees worked on the project. It will record when an employee started work as well as when did he went out. This time sheet format is later on used for compensation issues like calculating deductions, total salaries, overtimes payments and bonuses as well. This sheet also helps the employers in determining efficiency of the employees. Regularity or punctuality award is also decided on the basis of this sheet. A time sheet template generally includes some basic information such as date, department name, employee’s name, handler’s name and signatures, time of starting and ending in front of each employee’s name.

A time sheet is a necessary component for people who want to do things on time. It may usually prepared by companies to record the time of employees who working on different projects according to the criteria of their recruitment. To all appearance, a general sort of sample time sheet may record the facts about the start & end time of tasks. However, the vital reason of time sheet is to solve the compensation issues.

Well, this time sheet may helpful for getting the several advantages, just like; it’ll use to calculate the deductions, time sheet will record the time for the arrival of employee, sheet will highlight the time for the departure of worker, this sheet will also record the amount of time an employee has spent on each job assigned by the company, etc. In addition, a time sheet template will support the employer to determine the efficiency of the employees as well as helps the employees for getting their total salaries, overtimes payments and bonuses with ease.

Time Sheet Template


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