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Travel Consent Form

A travel consent form  is a legal document that allows a minor child to travel alone without both parents  as well as legal guardians. Generally a travel consent form can be prepared and sign by parents when they both agreeing to allow their children to travel without their physical presence. Therefore we can say that a travel consent form is a legal document which serves as a permission letter and proves in front of travel authorities, in order that child have privilege which granted by his parents as a permission to travel freely across the borders without their visible actualization. This form can be used when a child will either be traveling alone, or with another adult who is not their legal guardian such as a teacher, grandparent, aunt/uncle or with any friend. It allows the child to travel legally with their authorized chaperone, or on their own, with less hassle than they would experience without written consent.

Details of Travel Consent Form

Other than that aforesaid form also relevant because it witnessed when both parents are not travel with him. In term of general look a travel consent form may display tons of elements, such as;

  • Governing jurisdiction
  • Form will show the name of child
  • Legal information
  • The destination where he/she travel
  • Time period
  • Is there only one or more guardian
  • Guardian’s Name:
  • Contact information
  • Address, City, State/Province/country
  • Home Phone
  • Work Phone
  • Cell Phone number
  • Trip information
  • Supervision
  • Child information
  • Signing data
  • Exact date of signing

As things go we can say that there’re several major objective of travel consent form, for sure few of them I’ll mention in the underneath lines, for instance;

  1. Serve as a prove for the consideration of local authority as well as foreign officials
  2. Together with simply provide help to both parents and child to prevent them from unusual problems
  3. Secure child from delays, and sudden cancellations that probably cause when child is all set to travel across border through airport

  4. Yes it’s essential for all children those traveling without parents or guardians
  5. Travel consent form also significant for child who has only one parent or guardian.
  6. Such consent form can be used by schools, churches, sports teams and other organizations that exceptionally demand to have a minor child Travel Consent form
  7. Familiar for children studying in boarding schools and also lives in hostels

However a travel Consent form is also applicable in a variety of situations those I didn’t mention on above points. In addition here I want to suggest you to prepare a solid consent form at home, because it consistently better in two aspects 1st can be prepare simply 2nd suitable on pocket. So without further delay download a perfect template which exclusively draw for travel consent form by professional form makers, although after download you can add all the points of supreme content a general travel consent form may include. Hence, here you can add open-ended questions that allow you to fill data on it in more detailed manner.

Travel Consent Form


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