User Guidance

You will need to read following permissions that I offer to my users in order to use any or all templates provided in this site;

a)      Permission for Usage

All templates provided in this website for download are totally free. By downloading these template/s, you hereby confirm a Single User License. You cannot sell these templates to any third party or customer, in any form.

b)      Permission to Amendment or Modification or Changes

I assume no liability on our parts if user amend or modify or change my templates or part of these templates or any content of these templates without our permission. I feel no burden if your amendments, changes or modification are solely for the purpose of usage not commercial.

c)    Permission of Publish

All my work in this website is under Creative Common License. You have all rights as describe by Creative Common. For more information, please visit Creative Common License BY4.0. For visit our License Information Page.

d)   Internal and External Links

There are several links in posts and may be on website referring to internal pages or other websites. I would like to take this opportunity and express my concerns. I have added these links only for users to get relevant and useful information. I am not responsible if the referred link/s to their websites cause loss or damage of user upon visiting or using them. I cannot force those website owners to keep their websites as good as mine. Therefore, before clicking or visiting any referred website or page, please make sure, you have read this user guidance page.

e)   Change in User Guidance holds discretion power to amend or change its user guidance page as and when required. Therefore, I shall encourage my users and visitors to frequently visit this page and keep up to date.

f)   Errors and Revisions

All the templates and contents available at may have errors which can be technical, written or non technical. This website cannot guarantee visitors and users regarding correctness and completeness of data provided here. Furthermore, I can make revisions in published data and templates anytime without informing and notice. Further to this stance, I cannot make any commitment or guarantee to make revisions or update templates or data on regular basis.

g)    Sources of Templates

Following are the sources from where these templates are taken;