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User Manual Template

A user manual is a guide book which is prepared by a company for its user’s convenience. Usually a user manual is provided to users with a product or a machine to help them in making productive and safe use of that product. It may also be provided by a company to its employees for safe use of a machinery. This book will contain detailed information about features of a machine and a complete set of instructions about usage of that machine.It will be a mix of text and pictures where necessary to make it easily understandable for the users.

In the world of shopping industry, the companies & brands are vastly use a user manual to provide their end-users with important information about ‘how to use a product’ ‘how to run a machine’ how to order some system’ how to start an equipment’ & so on. However, guiding the people to start something is not the only benefit of user manual, probably there’re several others which are actually biggest. Yes! The company can warn the users about the danger of mishandling, manual will include some info about the limited legal liability related issues, notify the user for the misuse of equipment, directly support the end-user to learn about product, manual will give direct guideline to the customer, user can read all the pros & cones without wasting the time of sale’s man to teach the consumer, user manual will be served as a sale’s literature, the user manual will showcase the soft & professional image of brand, etc.

user manual template

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