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Witness Statement Template

A witness statement template is an archive recording the proof of a person, which is marked by that individual to affirm that the substance of the statement is valid. Witness statement template is basically a record of what a witness has heard, felt or saw at a crime spot or a situation. Besides that, a witness statement should also help in unfolding new ways, which can help in solving a case study. Statements provided by witnesses are of different kinds starting from basic statements given by a witness in a courthouse, which is part of section nine of the criminal justice act. There are other kinds of witness statements being kept discreet in other sections of criminal justice acts. Witness statements template is also used in business involving two parties in trade, each with witnesses as a proof that the trade was carried out in their presence. Witness statements are made following few basic rules and regulations and they must be made under the obligation of law.

Details of Witness Statement Template

Witness statements whether written or oral, start with basic information about the case. A basic witness statement template incorporates the essential information, such as name and number of the case and what this case is about. Then it includes the information about the witness i.e. full name, address, both temporary and permanent. Furthermore, a witness statement template contains all of the information or details that a witness has in relation to the case in numbered paragraphs and it ends with a statement certifying everything the witness said was true from the core of his/her heart and that the witness will be liable for courts disciplinary action in case of falsifying the statement. In the end, the template incorporates the signature of the witness. Witness statement templates are generally available in or word documents online.

witness statement template

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