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Yearly Appraisal Form

An appraisal form is usually used in organizations to appraise performance of employees. By this form, written evaluation record of each employee is maintained. These yearly updated forms are then used to take different HR decisions like increments, promotions, replacements, firing of any employee, introduction of any training program for all or few employees etc. An appraisal form may be filled on monthly, semi-annually or yearly basis depending on organizational culture and needs.

In term of business, the vital purpose of yearly appraisal form is to monitor the performance of employees on yearly basis. Yeah! This form will not only motivate the staff to ameliorate their level of performance, but it’ll also support the company to refine its morale. However, the yearly appraisal form will help the company to account the yearly documentation for the required performance of employees.  Despite the fact, a yearly appraisal form is a tool which gives a chance to the employees to mindful their employer with all the efforts they have done for the company & now it’s a time for employer to reward the employee with merit increases and exciting promotions. Seemingly, a yearly appraisal form will also motivate the staff of company to work harder & get a reward for their work.

yearly appraisal form

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