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Bank Statement Template

A bank statement template gives the details for a person’s bank account transactions which might include the total amount credited or debited during a fixed period of time. A bank statement reveals the detailed information of somebody’s credit account in a local or an overseas bank. A bank statement is usually printed out if the account owner asks for it whereas few banks issue bank statement periodically for the bank account owners. Bank statements are meant to hold the complete summary of somebody’s bank account financial details. There is a recent emerging trend where the account holder can obtain his/her electronic bank statement and print that out if needed. Certain institutions and organizations demand an individual’s bank statement to verify that the person hold a sum of money in his/her bank account. Few of such situations include applying for a visa, applying for bank loan, issuance of a credit card or showing your assets to an insurance company

A fundamental layout for generating a bank statement format incorporates all the subtle elements, from the total current amount present in the account to the records of the amount of money withdrawn or added to it during the course of the time. Bank statement also states that name and logo of the bank and the person or the institution holding the account. It also mentions the date and exact time for each and every transaction, either in the form of money credited or debited from the account. The official bank statement issued by the bank on the request of the account holder is generally signed and approved by the person in authority. The bank statement format also states the mode of transfer of any kind of transactions made during the time period.

bank statement template

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