Payslip Template

It is a slip that is given to employee along with his salary. A payslip is very beneficial for employee as it helps him to make sure that he is on the right tax code, right amount has been deducted as tax, what amount has been earned by him in total, what amount has been deducted as insurance, total earning etc. A payslip format will also serve as evidence that he has been paid. Employers should send payslip to the employees even when they are on leave.

A pay slip is a small written document generate by company for explaining the facts about the pay of employees. This smart slip will include both description and numerical data about the salary of an employee along with other stuff, just like; name of employee, his designation, name of employer, date of pay, month of pay, title of company. To all appearance, a format for pay slip should be drafted as a professional manner, because a pay slip is significantly beneficial for employee as it’ll helps him to keep it as evidence of pay. Apart of this, a pay slip template will makes sure that employer has granted the pay to specific employee on certain date. Thus, this slip will use to account the right tax code of employee; seemingly it’ll also assist the employee when he’s applying for an insurance policy.

payslip template

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Salary Increase Template

Salary increment letter will tell the employee about increment in salary. This letter may include the reason why his salary has been increased along with detailed information about the components of new salary package. A salary increase letter will include both description and numerical data about salary of an employee along with his name, his designation, employer name and date of increment. A salary increase format should be drafted as a professional format as it will serve as a proof that the company cares for the rights of its employees as well as it will be a certificate for the employee also.

A salary increase format is a way by follow one can simply arranged or set out the request of salary increment in a form of letter. Well, the employee can use a format for writing the salary increment template, but the business, company & employer will use a salary increase slip, receipt or invoice which briefly explain that the company is now going to put increment in the salary of employee that would be applicable from any date. However, individuals can prepare their invoice, letter, receipt or simple document for the increase in salary using smart format which you can download from our website at free of charge. Here on document you can include the reason why the salary has been increased along with other stuff, for instance; detailed information about the components of new salary package, applicable date, name of employee and company’s title.

salary increase template

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Job Estimation Template

Job estimation is the calculation of quantities needed of different items of work and the expenses that are likely to be incurred on a project. The total cost calculated by this estimate is the total estimated cost of the project. Items covered in job estimation form include materials estimation, labor estimation, plant estimation, time estimation etc. Usually job estimation is being done for construction projects but now it is used for other projects also. Proper documentation is done to record job estimation calculations and results. Usually a job estimation report is sent to the clients along with the proposals. It can be considered somewhat similar to price quotations.

A job estimate is a formal process drive by people to estimates the values & calculates the difference between these values. To all appearance, a job estimate is a study which helps the people to calculate the approximate values, position as well as the extent magnitude for a particular job. Basically a job estimate may have two elements, 1st to figure out the expenses, 2nd time-frame for completing the task. However, a job estimate is actually a process drive by people for calculating the quantities. As a matter of case, if the estimator find out the total cost after calculating the several values then it will called a total estimated cost of the project. In like manner, there’re several types of job estimate templates, for instance; materials estimate, labor estimate, plant estimate, & time estimate.

job estimate template

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Salary Slip Template

A salary slip is a document issued by the employer to his employees when they are paid their salaries. This simple business document contains information about salary of an employee like his pay, money deducted as tax, against some advances, pensions or as national insurance contributions, overtimes, allowances etc, net amount paid etc. A salary slip will also include employee’s name, designation, month of payment, date of payment and signatures of employer and employee to prove that payment has been made by the employer and employee has received his salary. Salary slip is very important for different purposes as it can be presented as an evidence to new employers that they have been paid that amount or a proof of payment made in case of any dispute etc.

A salary slip format is a formal written sheet of paper prepared by the employer & signed by an employee after receiving the salary. However, it’s a general sort of slip which always issued by the employer when the employees of company has been paid with salaries. So, we can also say that it’s a simple business slip which record the facts related to the salary of an employee along with other crucial stuff, just like; money deducted as taxes, actual pay, statement of insurance, some advance deductions, pensions, security deposits, utility charges, national contributions, overtime amounts, allowance, net paid amount, employee’s name, designation, month of payment, date of payment, signatures of the employee, employer signature, company stamp, etc.

No doubt, a precise slip of salary could be used for variety of purposes, but here the leading objective of this slip is to keep it as evidence.  In case if the employee blames the employer to repay the salary,  then this salary slip template will protect the employers as a proof which explains that the employer has made the payments for salary through check or cash on specific date. Thus, the salary slip will help the employee for renting an apartment for residency or applying for a bank loan.

salary slip template

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