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Free Voucher Template

A voucher is a piece of paper or a bond which bears some monetary value and is usually spent for some specific reasons like a cash voucher, payment voucher, discount voucher, travelling voucher etc. Main contents on any voucher will include title of the voucher, voucher number, date, time, validity date, name of the issuer and recipient, amount of cash paid or discount etc. A voucher format is usually drafted on a thin white paper. It can also be printed on colored paper according to other commercial documents of that business like cash receipts, invoices, bills etc.

A voucher format may have two basic types, 1st payment voucher format, 2nd a cash voucher format. Basically, in both cases the format may have almost similar look but it mostly prepared as the business documentation is concerned. However, the vital objective of preparing a voucher format is to organize all the data about transaction on a sheet of paper. Thus, a format designed for voucher will makes it easy to include the overall facts of transaction without even getting in a trouble. Yeah! The voucher will serve as a written proof that will officially explain, a certain amount of payment has been made against this payment voucher. In like manner, if you having a decent voucher template then you can simply use it in variety of purposes, i.e. as a payment voucher, voucher for foreign currency, salary voucher, voucher for customers, etc.

2 Best Free Voucher Templates

free voucher templates

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sample voucher template

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Discount Voucher Template

A discount voucher is a document which is issued in different retail situations. It will be issued by the sellers to their customers containing information about the type, amount and validity of discount. Having a discount voucher, one can buy goods or services at reduced price. This discount may be up to some percentage of total prices or a reduced price may be printed on the discount voucher. It is mandatory by law that issuing date and expiry date should clearly mention on such voucher. A discount voucher can be used as an advertising tool also so it will be designed according to the nature of the business and its discount offer.

A discount voucher format may just looks like a cash voucher but it contain a certain amount of discount maybe in percentage or cash as well. This discount voucher may also finds as a small printed piece of paper that officially entitles the holder to enjoy a certain amount of discount. No two ways about, this voucher will give an authority to the holder to legally claim for discount. Well, it’s up-to the need of holder whether to exchange a discount coupon with offered goods, services or simply present  this discount voucher to his loved one as a gift coupon. Apart of this, a discount voucher may generally issued by the brand’s outlets, malls, companies, online shopping websites, or grocery centers to issue in the midst of customers for several reasons. Some stores may issue a discount voucher on regional, religious or national occasions or some stores may prefer to provide discounts on off-seasons or when they’re willing to finish their stocks. Moreover, the lucky person who having a discount voucher template can buy goods or services at reduced price.

discount voucher template

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Cash Voucher Template

A cash voucher is a piece of paper which usually can be exchanged for goods and cash will be paid by some other person or on some future date. A cash voucher will contain information about the use of this voucher, name of the issuer, name of the recipient, amount for which the voucher was issued, date of payment etc. A cash voucher will be drafted just like a bill and will contain maturity date of the voucher. Voucher number will also be mentioned as a necessary section on the cash voucher.

A cash voucher format is a small printed piece of paper that generate by company to entitles its holder to get a considerable amount of cash money while exchanging this voucher with offered goods or services by the store. Usually, this kind of cash vouchers may present by the online shopping website & retail stores that advertise their products with different offers. A cash voucher will assist the holder to exchange it with the products or services offered by the retail store within the limit of voucher. The cash voucher template may give a decent way to the store to commercial their products or services without spending huge capital.

cash voucher template

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3+ Payment Voucher Templates

Payment Voucher Template

A payment voucher template serves as an accounting document which is used to make payments for different purposes. Its purpose is to approve that certain sum of money has been paid. It is a written recorded proof the payment made. Complete information about the payment is given in the payment voucher like amount paid, date of payment, mode of payment, information about payer and payee and signatures of concerned parties. The best format for payment voucher always help new users to learn how to prepare a payment voucher. Our created payment voucher template can be used for multiple purposes but it is our best example of professional work. We are quite sure, you will love our work after downloading this format.

Benefits of Payment Voucher Template

A payment voucher template maybe noted as an accounting document, thus people can use it to make payments on different purposes when they’ve required it. Well, in general scenario, a payment voucher will serve as a legitimate note which will approved that a particular sum of money has been paid by someone to the authority on certain date. Yes! It’s an official document which will always generate by the authorized body of institute, organization, department & store as a legal proof which will record the matters of payment along with the info of recipient. Individuals can keep this document with them as a record of payments they have made. Unless other thing, this small document will be recognized as an official statement of transaction. So, it’ll also help the authority to check on the outflow of funds.

3 Best Payment Voucher Templates

payment voucher template
Payment Voucher Template

Payment Voucher Template
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These payment voucher templates can be download from underneath given properties. You can take part in this process by submitting your reviews and comments to us. We shall encourage our users to guide us regarding quality of our templates and other issues.

2 Best Gift Voucher Templates

A gift voucher template or a gift certificate template is a perfect gift when you get confused in deciding a gift for someone from a wide range of gift cards. Basically it is the substitute of money which is obviously not a legal tender and is a form of credit. A gift voucher template cannot be exchanged for cash. The recipient of gift voucher can buy the goods or services of his own choice from the said shop from which the gift voucher was bought. The recipient can buy any of the products of the value authorized by the gift voucher and he/she will not get any balance. Main content of a gift voucher template include issuer’s name, recipient’s name, reason for the gift voucher, monetary value, validity of the voucher, name of the shopping place etc. Gift voucher will be designed according to the nature of the event.

Advantages of Gift Voucher Template;

The gift vouchers are the popular example of gift cards which we can use to present people on special occasions. Typically, the gift vouchers mostly generate by the business or companies who willing to award their customers in a professional manner. No doubt, the growth in the popularity of gift vouchers is actually risen up in recent years. Unless other things, we can say that it may serve as an incentive tool that favorably help the customer/individual to avail free gifts. In the world of employment, employers also distribute these kinds of vouchers among their employees to buy things as per their desires from some retrial store. Thus, a certain gift voucher template will be served as a traditional motivator which defiantly will motivate the people toward the store again & again. As a matter of case, in the voluntary benefits programs of companies & businesses the people can get a gift voucher for enjoying the flexible benefits of discounts & free shopping.

2 Best Gift Voucher Templates

gift voucher template

Gift Voucher Template