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4+ Client Profile Templates

A client profile template is a formal document which is collected information which simple but is extended that has all the information of client along with age, gender idea and goals. A client is a person who pays to the organization for the service that means a client profile should be fine enough containing all the information regarding trust.

Best Clients

To choose best clients to make their profiles you need to follow these steps. First of all make a list of beat clients you are working with for convenience.

• Check accounts with the client to note the profit scale.
• Also the lifespan of the contract is considerable that from how much time he’s been working with you.
• The client delays the project or he pays the cheque in time.
• Are you happy working with the client? You should know this to make his perfect client profile.
• You should know who your perfect client is. Write his name, age, gender, ethnicity, marital status in the profile

You need to some homework, try to get all this information using your contacts before reaching the interview stage.

Ideal Client Background Story, Future Story

Background story of the client plays an important role as it tells the mindset of the client that how he got interested in a particular business, also you can know how he become a man he is now from a man he was in the past or what hurdles he found in his way to get here. After knowing the background story of your client you get a hint of the future plans and story of client that how your product or idea will help him get there where he wants to.


Conduct client interviews to get all king of necessary information that may be qualitative or quantitative or it can be both. Dig out his ideas, his perspectives and his personal information. Ask a few questions like:

• How working with him will give profit? Or what is his role in the business?
• How you work? Who is the one you report or who reports you?
• What are your desires or goals, issues or complaints you are facing working with us?
• What location your client has and where you want most of your clients, specific area, town, city or region.

Buying Processes and Deals

Not every client you are working with is advantageous for your company. You need to know their purchase processes and the profits they are offering you. What strategy they are using for the deals and how that’s beneficial for you. This point is important to put in the client profile. As the Client is the ideal one and is giving you profit you cannot neglect this point that how he pays you. Whether he pays you in time or delays the paying dates.

What Conduct he has with you?

Each and every small point in making a client profile is important. Small point missed can land you and your company into a big mess. To avoid problems you need to watch out.

Templates for Client Profile

Client Profile Template

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Customer Profile Template

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Customer Profile Template

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Customer Profile Template

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