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Donation Form

Donation form is used to get information about the donor and maintain a proper record of all donations gained for a specified period of time. It is important for both the donor and recipient. A very significant benefit of having a copy of this form for the donor is the tax relief. It also serves as a receipt while preparing financial records. A donation form will be drafted having detailed information about:

  • Donor – name, address, phone, fax, email
  • Donation – purpose of donation, amount of donation, date of payment
  • Mode of Transmittal – mode of payment

A donation form is a necessary tool which used by charities to get the information about the donor. Well, the main reason for having this form is to maintain the information of each donor in a professional manner. No doubt, after filling the form by donor the charity itself can update the data of donor on their system for afterward check. Yeah! It’s the responsibility of charity to maintain the info of donor in a proper way to record the amount of donations gained by donor on a specified period of time. A smartly filled donation form may equally serve the donor & the charity. To all appearance, in point of view of donor the most significant purpose of this donation form is to get considerable amount of relief in taxes. In like manner, this form will also support the donor when he’s all set to prepare a financial record.

donation form

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