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A home inventory template  is an excellent way to expedite the insurance claims process after theft, damage, or loss. Generally it contains the details for the assets at home documented to make a record for some personal or a legal purpose. Home inventory format lists all of the possessions or the assets being kept at home or even in a bank locker. Home inventory proves to be a handy piece of document in a number of various situations. Sometimes insurance companies demand home inventory lists to sort out the assets in your possession for the insurance purpose. In case of some kind of a property loss, the home inventory format is used to recover the lost property. A home inventory format can also be made to be used as an inventory list for a small business or a store. The record is saved and kept in different locations so as to keep the items listed in it secure and easy access from anywhere. A home inventory template is simply a list of your personal possessions along with their estimated financial value.

Details of Home Inventory Template

A simple home inventory template incorporates the separate categories for each and every item and the items that falls in the same category are documented together but in individual boxes. The subtle details, such as the model number and the price for each is listed in the column next to that in the home inventory format. Individual pictures for each item can also be added next to their names in the inventory list. Instead of pictures if the list is being made in the soft format instead of pictures you can also add short video clips for the items listed in the home inventory format. This home inventory format can be easily downloaded and printed from the link provided on our website. In the end you can also add signatures to assure that the items listed are correct. The home inventory format can be customized and updated according to your own needs.

home inventory template

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