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14+ Packing Slip Templates

A packing slip template can help them counting the goods as well as ensure that the delivery of goods has been made accurately and on time. Basically a packing slip format can be defined as an itemized list of products. Although this slip will contain the information about articles those companies are going to ship through shipmates. It may be used for several motives the need as well as the demand of users. Usually in a business it is being used by shipment companies containing information about the products to be shipped. It may be placed inside the package for the accommodation of the receiver. It may also be pasted on the package sealed in the clear plastic pouch.

Details of Packing List

Usually it is a trading document therefore should be drafted in proper business format. This template must contains some basic information about the shipping company with its logo, goods shipped, final destination and signatures of concerned people as well. A packing slip template is a small written document which could be used on verity of purposes. In the cosmos of business, it’s a most familiar slip which being used by shipment companies.

Benefits of Packing Slip Template

This precise packing slip contains a bit of information about the articles; quantity of goods, title of shipment company, article number, company code, exact weight with packing, weight without packing, actual price, delivery date and delivery charges. Nonetheless, a smart packing slip template may cover the whole information of shipment, shipper company, package and the receiver of package as well. In addition, this slip will serve as a signature confirmation tool of company that will thoroughly state the information of particular package just like a bill of parcel.

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Packing Slip Template

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