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6+ Statement of Affairs Template

The statement of affairs template is a legal document listing the assets and liabilities of a company or individual, typically produced when declaring bankruptcy. It is an archive that holds the details for a company’s list of assets and debts. A statement of affairs is helpful in certain business situations such as one such situation includes the calculation of a company’s total cost thus making the insolvency process much easier. Banks often ask for the statement of affairs while resolving the assets. This document provides useful information to solve certain legislative issues and can be presented in the court. Financial department in any company with the help of financial experts are liable to generate the statement of affairs. Generally the Statement of Affair is a summary of a Company’s assets and liabilities. It states the net book value and amount expected to realize at the date of Insolvency of the business. Accompanying the balance sheet is a list of creditors and shareholders.

Details of Statement of Affairs Template

A statement of affairs can be made in a number of different formats; few basic sections must be included in whatever layout you choose for this piece of document. It incorporates the book value of all of the company’s assets which can be presented in the form of a list or a paragraph using bullets or numbers. The person generating the statement of affairs format can include another column stating what he/she thinks of the probable cost of an asset or the property. The statement of affairs may also include a brief statement introducing the company or the project for which the report is being generated. In the end, the statement of affairs is approved by the executive person therefore a space for the signatures of the person in authority along with the person who generated the report is provided.

statement of affairs template


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