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Profit And Loss Statement Template

Profit and loss statement is a financial document that is used to summarize all revenues, expenditures and costs of a business for a specified period of time. This statement may be prepared on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis depending on the size of transactions of a business. All expenditures are settled down against net sales of the business. This statement is necessary to make other statements like income statement template or balance sheet template and can also be used as an evidence of business income to apply for some loan or mortgage etc. Proper format must be followed to draft profit and loss statement.

Despite the facts, the profit & loss statement is also a financial document which generate as a standard business plan. However, individual person or company can highlight the values of their profit and loss via arranging the figures of profit & loss on a table which enclose the values for specified period of time. No doubt, in term of business the profit and loss statement template is one of the most significant documents which professionally prepared & used by company to inform their potential investors about the values of their credit sources. Yeah! This statement will explain how a business generate income, how company manage the losses, how business set the costs for products/services. To all appearance, the vital purpose of this statement is to properly explain the net value of profits & losses of company. Other than that, this statement will cover the revenue projections, bottom-line, expense forecast, & some data about the potential capital source of business.

profit and loss statement template

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