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Work Completion Certificate Template

A work completion Format which is also known as work certificate of completion is an official document that is awarded at the end of any project to let the contractor inform about official end of project. The basic purpose of this certificate is to ensure that the project has been completed on the terms and conditions mentioned by the project manager. The other main objective of this document is to have the proof of experience this document will make you able to utilize your experience that have gained during the project. As, you have invested your efforts and valuable time to take the work to the completion. Some basic important points in the certificate includes the information like when did the project have started, when did it end, information about the infrastructure if it is a construction project and the material used for it.

    Importance of Work Completion Certificate

Moreover, in building projects the work completion certificates are even for more importance as, these are mandatory for the builders to get the water and water supply. When the project is completed and it is a building project the document notify the site owner that the job is done according to the terms of the initial agreement. The form includes the names of all parties involved in the project, and the number of people involved in the project which can be architects, other construction companies and the property owners, to establish participation and legal claims for each participant. The form also equipped with the statistical figures of the project which includes a final summation of the remaining costs for the work done by the construction company. Other than the final summation the form include all previous payments record along with the same rates and costs from the initial contract or details about any changes.

    Details of Work Completion Certificate format

The work completion form is of great importance because if the buyer moves into the property without the completion certificate then then he may claim for the warrant to evacuate the building. The document is of is also used for safety assurance it is a mandatory and legal document that will give assurance of attesting to the fact that a new building has been constructed and completed according to all the safety norms and regulations. The work completion certificate for a construction project contains the identification of the land, the location, the assurance that all the standards of safety and regulation have been considered during the construction.

    Benefits of Work Completion Certificate Sample

Even all the minor details are also mentioned which are the distance from the road, distance from surrounding buildings, height and other criteria set by the municipal authorities, along with the building plan. The completion form is a complete proof that the specified project is completed under rules and regulations and none of the rule was violated. Here you are provided with ready to use work completion forms which are equipped with quality content all you need to do is to download the templates and can make required changes according to you requirement.

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Work Completion Certificate Templat

Work Experience Certificate Template

Work completion certificate

Work Completion Certificate Template for MS Word

Work Completion Certificate Template

Work Completion Certificate Template


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