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Bill Receivable Template

A bill receivable is a document which a customer agrees to pay at some future date. The bill receivable format is used to secure the short term funding. A bill receivable is sent by the debtor to the recipient to whom the amount is to be paid. Most commonly accepted bill receivable is a promissory note or bill of exchange. A bill receivable is issued for payment of goods purchased. Proper format is followed to draft a bill receivable considering its importance in business world.

A bill receivable is a financial document generate by company when there’re some due payments from the side of customer. Yes! A receivable is a formal written document which officially records the fact that “a certain customer will pay a considerable amount of money to the business at some future date within the terms of bill receivable”. To be frankly speaking, this legal document may prepared by business for securing the short term funding. In business dealings, sometimes a customer may pay the company right away but while on the go some other time the customer will ask the company to prepare a bill receivable for later payments. In most of cases, the business may call as receiver who’ll get some amounts from the debtor against all the services, products, or Goods customer has provided under the statement of bill receivable.

bill receivable format

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