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10+ Medical Certificate Template

A medical certificate template is basically a well designed document usually a printed form with same specific details for all patients. It includes healthcare clinic’s name and address, physician’s name, patient’s name, date of examination, health conditions and a written report by a physician to certify his health condition with his signatures. A medical certificate template is used to spell out that a person has gone through some medical examination.

Importance of Medical Certificate

This document also serve as an evidence that enclosing a person is disqualify for stated period of time. It is usually given by medical professionals on the request of client or customers. A medical certificate (MC) might be required by employees or students to present as a proof of their unhealthy conditions. It is an official document which issued by the doctor of private clinic or the physician of government hospital to the person as a proof of his/her current medical condition. Well, the doctor will generate this document after the examination of individual on the behalf of the hospital.

Benefits of Medical Certificate Template

Yes! A medical certificate sample can include the facts about illness, current condition, purpose of illness, chances of danger, name of the doctor, information of person who has been examined, title of hospital, marital status of person, nationality, place and date of examination. This certificate will highlight all the information about the issues related to the physical, mental and medical health of someone. It is a smart document which helps the individual to proof what he’s physically fit to do. In addition, this certificate will help the individuals to use it at a time for getting the driver license, when applying for visa and before getting an insurance policy.

Medical Certificate Template

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