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Name Card Template

A name card template is just like a business card bearing information about the business, business person like his name, designation in the business, address, contact details etc. A name card format may be designed simply or its design may match business theme and have a business logo on it. Usually once side of name card is blank and one side contains all data.  Business slogan can also be printed on the name card. Size of a name card is almost same as that of a national identity card or a business card.

A name card template may simply looks like a business card; well, people can use a name card if they want to convey the information about their business professionally. To be frankly speaking, a name card is the most crucial example of business card. Basically, corporate people can use a name card as a recognition tool of their identity. In like manner, a general sort of name card may cover list of data, i.e. Person name, designation in the business, title of job, address, contact details, land-line number, mobile number, email address, website, social accounts, etc.

However, a name card will allow the individuals to enter into a social network of professional people, yeah! This card will allow you to looks professional. Seemingly, a name card will thoroughly work like an advertisement tool of your business, so it’ll promote yon among the community of diverse specialized-people. If we talk about the name card  template, then we can say that the size of a name card is almost same like a national identity card, so you can simply prepare it as a business card.

name card template

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