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Wedding Card Template

A wedding card template may be a wedding invitation card or a wedding wish card. A sample wedding card will be designed according to the wedding party theme, tastes of the wedding couple or the sender etc. A wedding card if is an invitation card will include information about the wedding day like wedding date, day, time, place, names of couple, guest’s name, RSVP, special invitation etc and if it is a wish card it will be designed like a greeting card containing names of wedded couple, wedding date, name of sender, a beautiful wish for their wedded life etc. Usually flowers are used in designing wedding cards.

People can use wedding cards for inviting their guests on the occasion of wedding. Well, a simple wedding card may also recognize as a wedding invitation. But a wedding card can also be used as a wedding wish card for convey the heartiest wishes. As I can say that, you can prepare a wedding card as per your desire, here from our website you can download a prefabricated template which will assist you to design a wedding card according to the theme of wedding  event, tastes of the wedding couple, choice of the wedding planner, need of the guests, or the wish of sender. If you’re willing to prepare a wedding card template for inviting your guests on the event then you can include all the information which your guest may required to known about occasion, i.e. you can write about the wedding, date of event, day of wedding, exact time, info of couple, place, guest’s name, RSVP, special theme of wedding, dress code, looking forward, venue, refreshment, etc.

wedding card template

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