Consignment Agreement Template

A consignment agreement is a contract between a consignee and consignor for the storage, transfer, sale or resale and use of the commodity.  Well a store owner who running store either online or a mall is one who’ll agree to gets its inventory by entering into agreements with individual person or parties, although parties are those people who wish to sell their own personal items/property and things. The consignor retains ownership of the goods until they are sold, but they are in the consignee’s possession in order to enable the consignee to sell them. However it’s not a common type of agreement, in the world of business there’re so many examples of consignment agreements. For example, in case if an individual who preparing garments or getting from some sources want to sale his/her products to consumer, unfortunately he has not any resources therefore he will signed an agreement with nearby store, seemingly the store owner will sale out the garments on the behalf of owner.

To all appearance in a consignment agreement template, the owner of the store as well as the owner of the items will enter into a legal agreement, almost certainly such agreement will stating that certain store owner will sell the items/goods to customers, obviously in exchange for some percentage of the profit. More or less the store owner will get small amount as proceeds of the sale, but the rest of the money will go to the pocket of original owner. Beyond any hesitations, having a comprehensive document of sale which surly recognized as a consignment agreement will actually provide an easy way to simply understand the legal statements of sale. In addition aforesaid agreement always serves as a legally enforceable contract between the store owner and the property owner. Furthermore the consignment agreement may include several things, for instance; include an explanation of deal, what happen will drive on unsold items, policies of store, sale price of the items, set of percentage margin on sale, payment options, responsibility of broken & damage items, delivery statements, contract timeline and warranty claim for goods.

Consignment Agreement template

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