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Inquiry Letter Template

An letter of inquiry is a request letter which is written for the sake of getting some sort of information. By this letter, you will not only have to communicate your request to the reader but you also have to convince the reader to provide you the requested information. It must express the benefits of both the reader and the writer. An inquiry letter must be brief, clear and to-the-point. The appropriate contact person must be addressed. An effective letter of inquiry sample must include these sections; introduction, organization’s description, needs statement, methodology, final summary and proper closing.

The sample inquiry letter may officially written by someone who willing to request an authority to find out some hidden facts via conducting a solid inquiry. This letter will generate to request a company, business or government department for getting some sort of information. Thus, with the support of inquiry letter you can formally communicate with some department or authorities to run an inquiry which defiantly bring out undercover realities. To all appearance, with inquiry letter a common man can convince the reader to provide the requested information. Yes! This letter must express the benefits of inquiry & would also clearly state that what information is required. The person who stands in need for inquiry must have to write this letter clearly & briefly. Moreover, an effectively crafted inquiry letter may cover following sections; i.e. introduction, description, needs statement, query, methodology, final summary and proper closing.

inquiry letter

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