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Wanted Poster Template

A wanted poster template with information about an escaped criminal is usually used to make people aware of that criminal and also provide contact detailed where people can give information if criminal is seen anywhere. A wanted poster template will contain a clear picture of the wanted person along with information about crimes committed by that person, the place from where he escaped, the date when he escaped, proposed dangers from that person, reward for giving information to the searching team etc. A wanted poster should have all text in clear and readable font size and color. A wanted poster may contain real picture of the criminal or a sketch to identify his face features. A wanted poster format can be defined as a public announcement prepared by the law enforcement agencies who investigating to arrest some person they feel is a criminal. Basically, a wanted poster is a sheet of paper which consists on information about an escaped criminal along with other related stuff, just like; name of wanted person, a photograph of escaped criminal, certain amount of price money if suggested by the law, contact details of searching team, committed crime of escaped person, info of location where from the criminal has escaped, proposed law and warning of danger.

No doubt, a wanted poster may display the real picture of the criminal, in case if real picture is not available then the cops can take help through sketch which they made with the assistance of eye-witness. Placing the picture of guilty person on wanted poster template will support the individuals to identify the face features of criminal & call the cops. In addition, the vital objective of having this poster is to inform the people about the existence of criminal. Thus, this technique will be helpful for exploring team to arrest the criminal & provide justice to the victim.

wanted poster template

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