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Tenancy Agreement Template

A tenancy agreement template is a legal contract which is signed by the landlord and a tenant to word out the rights and duties of both the parties regarding the use of property. Main content of this tenancy agreement form include information about landlord and tenant, time and date when the agreement will start, maturity date of agreement, description of property, rights and duties of both the parties, amount of rent, date of payment of rent, mode of payment, clauses about late payment, signatures of both the parties. Like other agreements, tenancy agreement also bears legal importance so must be drafted carefully making sure that all terms and conditions have been stated clearly.

A contract which signed between the landlord & tenant to word out the terms & conditions regarding to the use of property is called a tenancy agreement template. Well, this legitimate piece of document will tells about the rights and duties of both the parties who entering in a contract on the subject of use, care or maintenance of property. No doubt, tenancy agreement is a legal contract. So, before entering in this agreement both parties should have to keep in mind the legal importance of this document, otherwise situations would be worst. Apart of this, a tenancy agreement may include number of things regarding to the deal, landlord & tenant, i.e. detailed information about the landlord and tenant, exact time/date when both parties were agreed to sign their deal officially, start data, valid till, maturity date of agreement, description of the property, rights, rules, duties of both the parties, amount of payment, date of payment, mode of payment, etc.

tenancy agreement template

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